Lizzi Welch tells us about her work with Aviva

Tax Help for Older people and Aviva have been working together for more than five years to allow Policy holders access to tax advice that is tailored to their specific circumstances.

I took over the role of liaising with Aviva almost two years ago and this is how it works. Aviva refer clients to TaxHelp either through dialling the direct line number, by warm hand over, email or through our general contact phone number.

All the tax trained staff are able to advise the tax position with regard to pension flexibility so that the client can understand how much tax they will pay and when. We explain how the pension is taxed initially and help calculate the actual amount of tax due. Following on from this we can advise whether a tax refund is due and how to claim it. We assist in the completion of the tax refund claim forms P55 P53z and P53

TaxHelp advise on the tax implications of larger incomes, how it may affect the marriage allowance and 0% savings allowance, the high income child benefit charge the abatement of personal allowances and whether completing a tax return is appropriate . We also look at the tax efficiency of taking a pension over 2 or more years

Our advice is not limited to tax on pensions, we can check the clients other entitlements such as marriage allowance and blind person’s allowance. We assess the client’s needs and where they fit our criteria to do so, we will offer face to face or telephone appointments if needed

Where the issues Aviva client have are beyond are remit, we signpost them to where they can obtain the information they are seeking.

Aviva also have a dedicated TaxHelp landing page on their websites where clients can find a contact us email form and the direct dial numbers.

Every month myself and Gail Mackie from TaxHelp have a catch up meeting with Aviva, to review the call numbers, how the clients have been referred, the trends and the very important verbal feedback. Ahead of each meeting TaxHelp supply details of “end to end journeys“ that two of the Aviva clients have experienced from when they are first referred to TaxHelp.

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