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Finding more information about tax?

TaxAid’s website is set up primarily focused on the needs of individuals, and has unique authority on issues as they affect those on low incomes. We are keen to ensure that front-line advisers have access to the best support and guidance on the tax system as it affects clients on low incomes.

Information likely to be useful to advisers is included throughout the site and the ‘Other sources of advice’ link on the right, lists some websites likely to be of interest to advisers.

In the meantime, you may wish to access areas of the site where we have special expertise, especially that on tax debt; self-employment and self assessment for unrepresented taxpayers; and employee issues, such as PAYE underpayments; for those on low income.

The impact of tax is specific to the individual taxpayer’s circumstances, and ill-informed advice can have unforeseen consequences: avoid giving tax advice unless you are qualified to do so.

Examples of inappropriate advice include:

  • Completing tax returns when they could be withdrawn; or completing tax returns on paper rather than online; resulting in higher late filing penalties
  •  Arranging Debt Relief Orders without reviewing a client’s tax affairs first, resulting in liabilities coming to light after the DRO has been arranged
  • Not being fully aware of grounds for challenging PAYE underpayments – HMRC practice in this area changes regularly