PLEASE NOTE: The charity TaxAid advises only those people on low incomes whose problems cannot be resolved with HMRC.



If you need to know how you fit into the UK tax system, then this is the page for you.

Links from this page will tell you about:

  • How income tax works
  • Tax and National Insurance for employed people
    • PAYE tax codes, what they mean and how they work
    • National Insurance and what happens if you have two or more jobs
  • Tax and National Insurance for the self-employed
    • paying income tax and National Insurance as a self-employed worker
    • starting a new business
    • filing a tax return
  • Tax on pensions and savings
  • Renting out property
  • Coming to the UK and leaving the UK
  • Working in construction
  • Being a Carer

Follow the links on the right of the page to find the information you need. If you have a problem with your tax and need help to sort it out, then try the Taxpayers – where to get help with your tax section.