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20/03/19 Telephone Scammers

HMRC’s advice on Landline scams Households with a landline number should be vigilant about phone calls from fraudsters pretending to be the UK tax authority. Criminals are turning increasingly to the traditional method of cold-calling publicly available phone numbers to steal money from taxpayers. Often these calls are to landline numbers and fraudsters are able tomake them […]

26/05/17 Insolvency

A quick reminder if you are going through insolvency: for the remainder of the tax year following bankruptcy, an ‘NT’ (no tax) PAYE code is applied to existing employments. However, if there is you have a change of job after the date of the bankruptcy but in the same tax year, the ‘NT’ (no tax) […]

26/05/17 National Insurance Credits

Did you know that if a you’re a grandparent that looks after your grandchildren whilst their parents are at work you may be entitled to National Insurance credits? Many working-age grandparents qualify for Class 3 National Insurance credits for looking after children aged under 12 which can be used to top up their income in […]

26/05/17 HMRC Phishing Scam

HMRC has released a statement warning taxpayers of a new phishing scam. If you receive an email with the subject ‘Your 2016 Tax Report’ and containing an attachment, please do NOT TO OPEN IT! Scam HMRC emails should be forwarded to and then deleted.

14/06/16 PAYE code

If you have received a PAYE code that you do not understand, the quickest way to find out why the code has been issued and what it means for you is to call HMRC on 0300 200 3300.  You may not have received the coding notice, but you may see a change of code on […]

29/04/16 What is different for the 2016-17 tax year?

With a Budget and an Autumn Statement it can be hard to remember what is happening when. Most of the changes announced in the March 2016, will come into force in future years, but some of the things announced earlier come into effect from 6 April this year. Here are some of the changes that […]

29/04/16 Tax return penalties for 2015 returns – £10 a day from 1 May

If you haven’t yet filed your tax return for the year to 5 April 2015, file at once! Penalties increase to £10 a day for 90 days from the start of May – a total of up to £900. This is added to the initial £100 penalty for missing the 31 January 2016 deadline, so […]

10/03/16 Beware of premium rate numbers for contacting HMRC

Some contact numbers given on the internet, and even as sponsored links, are really premium rate numbers, re-directing you to HMRC. So you may get through to HMRC, but will be paying a premium call rate. The fake and the genuine If you search on-line for HMRC contact numbers, the numbers appearing may not be […]

05/02/16 Missed the self-assessment filing date?

If you have missed the 31 January 2016 filing date for 2014-15 income tax returns, you should still file as soon as possible. There is an automatic £100 penalty for missing the 31 January. But watch out – this level of penalty is for on-line submission only. If you file late on paper the penalties […]

22/01/16 Affected by flooding?

HMRC may not be top of your list of concerns, but if recent flooding means you might miss the tax return filing deadline, phone the HMRC floodline for advice before the deadline. The flood helpline can help: If you have lost business records due to flooding and are unsure what to do Need time to […]

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