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21/11/23 Ben’s Story: How his terminal cancer diagnosis leads to a tax crisis

This is a shared story from Tax Help for Older People. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Ben tried to get his affairs in order to make things easier for his wife. To clear his debts, he cashed in his pension to obtain a lump sum. But when Ben received a letter from HMRC he […]

16/11/23 Joan’s Story: The fiscal challenges of grief

This is a story from Tax Help for Older People. We often hear from widowers, like Joan, who are struggling financially following the loss of their life partner. Who, amidst this struggle are then hit by a surprise tax bill or outstanding debt that they do not understand. Joan was recently widowed. Without her husband’s […]

16/11/23 Sophie’s Tax Nightmare: £10,000 in tax debt

She was suffering from severe depression and numerous other health conditions. This stemmed from a series of related misfortunes: an eviction, the loss of her business, the loss of all her records and bank statements, and a broken relationship. The huge debt she had accumulated felt too much to cope with. The numerous demanding statements […]

16/11/23 A tribute to John Sargent

This is an article provided by Tax Help for Older People. John Sargent, born in 1930, a long-standing and valued Tax Help for Older People volunteer, sadly passed away in July. Married to Joy for 65 years, John had 3 children, Penny, Katie and Richard. John, at 93 years, continued to support us and our […]

24/10/23 Interview with a volunteer: Steven Pinhey

Steven Pinhey has been a volunteer at TaxAid since February 2020. Earlier this year we asked Steven some questions about his experience volunteering with TaxAid. What do you enjoy about working as a volunteer?Many of the cases that I deal with have terrible backstories including addiction, problems with mental and physical well-being, and relationship matters. […]

28/02/23 Support us with your fundraising

Working under Bridge the Gap, TaxAid and Tax Help for Older People have created a fundraising pack for both charities. We’re incredibly grateful for the support we have received from the tax community over the lifespan of both charities. Each year TaxAid and Tax Help for Older People help around 12,000 vulnerable people, by providing […]

24/12/22 Christmas Closure

Our office will be closed from 24th December to 2nd January. Please still send enquires through to our online contact form for us to respond to on our return.