About TaxAid

About TaxAid

TaxAid is a charity that helps people on low incomes when they get into difficulties with their tax affairs.

TaxAid helps people on low incomes to understand the bits of the tax system that apply to them (safely ignoring the confusing 98% that don’t), pay only the right amount of tax and help them resolve crises when things go wrong.

TaxAid was set up by tax professionals who were concerned that people on low incomes were suffering significantly because they could not afford tax advice. There was evidence that people were being made bankrupt unnecessarily on tax demands based on estimated figures; that people had been overpaying tax for years because they didn’t understand the rules; and that unrepresented people did not know how to access their rights of appeal.

The need for tax advice has grown significantly since then. There has been a significant increase in the number of self-employed people over the years, and many of them are on low incomes and much more vulnerable than in the early days of TaxAid. Equally there are many more people in multiple employments to supplement their income and so have much more complex tax positions.

The demand for help and advice has also grown because the tax system has become much more complex for those on low incomes: there are consequently more “casualties of the system”. This includes late filing penalties, the greater focus on compliance activity and tightened practices on debt collection. All these changes are harsh for those on low income.


  • is unique as a charity providing free, independent, advice across the range of tax issues that impact on people on low incomes (our remit is those individuals on incomes of £20,000 a year or less)
  • helps the most disadvantaged 20% of unrepresented taxpayers on low incomes who cannot afford professional advice
  • uses its unique experience in advising to influence government and HM Revenue and Customs in cases where the tax system is unfair, inefficient or reduces incentives to work
  • trains high street advice agencies to recognise the problem, deal with the first step and appropriately refer

Our website is designed to make tax understandable to any taxpayer.

For information on how we may use your personal data please refer to our PRIVACY STATEMENT.

People at TaxAid

The Rt. Hon. Lord Carnwath CVO, former Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
The Rt. Hon. Lord Hodge, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.



Kevin Nicholson (Chairman)

Paul Morton (Treasurer)

Stephen Banyard

Jonathan Peacock KC

Victoria Heard

Nick Edwards

Matthew Ellis

Emma Clarke

Valerie Boggs (CEO)

Annual Review
For further details of how we are governed and run, the most recent Annual Review can be accessed here – TaxAid UK Annual Accounts 2022/23

Administration Office:
Address: 30 Monck Street, London, SW1P 2AP
Tel: 020 7803 4950 (public helpline is 0345 120 3779)

Remember us in your will
People who choose to remember TaxAid in their Wills are truly special individuals. They understand that the promise of funding many years into the future is crucial in enabling TaxAid to continue to bring peace of mind to people on low incomes. Leaving a legacy in your Will to TaxAid is your chance to help us to continue our important work, without using up any savings you may need for your retirement years. What is more, as legacies to charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax, more of the value of your money will be spent in the way that you decide.
Your legacy could take many different forms, and your personal circumstances will determine which type of legacy gift is best for you. Please talk to your solicitor about the different types of legacy you can leave, and ask him or her to include a legacy of your choice to TaxAid, or Click here for more information.


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        The Chartered Institute of Taxation


                       Ernst & Young


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       Tolley Training

                           The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers