#KiliTax2022 in aid of the Tax Charities

A group of people connected to tax (aren’t we all!) are taking on the incredible challenge of going up Mount Kilimanjaro in September 2022, to raise vital money for the tax charities – after two years of Covid-induced delays.

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Our group of dedicated tax professionals (mostly current or retired CIOT members) and friends have signed up to complete the #KiliTax2022 sponsored challenge to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro, in aid of the two UK tax charities, TaxAid and Tax Help for Older People. The sponsorship money will go to the charities’ Bridge the Gap campaign (BTG), which is split equally between the two tax charities.

The two tax charities are the only UK charities dedicated to providing free tax advice to vulnerable people on low incomes who need help to cope with the UK tax system and yet cannot afford to pay for the help they need. TaxAid also supports two new UK university clinics, which are beginning to make impressive inroads into supporting people in their local communities with tax issues.

Those taxpayers seeking help from the charities tend to be at the most disadvantaged end of unrepresented taxpayers on low incomes. Their need for such pro bono help has grown significantly since the charities’ formation, due to changes in how people earn income and its tax treatment and due to the impact of Covid and the current cost of living crisis.

Due to the charities need for more resources, the intrepid group of volunteers have set themselves the challenging target of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and raising £34,000 – £2 for every foot the team climbs. With its peak of almost 6,000m, it is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest self-standing mountain in the world. They will be supported by Action Challenge, walking the Lemosha route from the tropical forest at the base, through altitude mountain sickness (AMS) inducing heights, to Arctic conditions at the top.  

The trekkers include:

Each of the trekkers is making a significant personal commitment, including paying the full cost of their trip, so all the funds raised will go to the charities.

Thank you for your support! Every pound raised will make a difference, a real difference, to distressed people who cannot afford a tax adviser and cannot get help elsewhere.

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