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26/11/21 Tax Stories

Working under Bridge the Gap, TaxAid and Tax Help for Older People have worked to put together this digital collection of tax stories. We have done this to tell the stories of the people that we help and demonstrate the staggering effect tax advice can have on the lives of people in poverty. Inside ‘Tax […]

20/10/21 Tony’s Story

A case came through to Tax Help for Older People, the beneficiary will remain anonymous but we will call him ‘Tony’. Tony received a tax demand from the HMRC and came to us for help. We were able to help Tony with some simple understanding of his PAYE situation, allowing us to advocate on his […]

20/10/21 Emma’s story

A query came through on our helpline from a beneficiary, who although anonymous, we will call ‘Emma’. Emma’s tax problems mounted due to her dyslexia and computer illiteracy, she felt too embarrassed to turn to others for help. Eventually, however, when Emma could no longer cope on her own, it was first her sister who […]

30/04/21 Self-employed poverty

How specialist tax charities can make a difference. When one hears of bold, adventurous entrepreneurs setting up on their own with a business idea most of us are, rightly, impressed. It takes confidence, bravery, knowledge and the help of a good tax professional to launch a successful start-up. Sadly many self-employed people in the UK […]