PLEASE NOTE: The charity TaxAid advises only those people on low incomes whose problems cannot be resolved with HMRC.

Volunteering and Vacancies

About TaxAid

Volunteering at TaxAid

From time-to-time TaxAid needs to recruit new volunteers to give tax advice in our London office.  Arrangements are made via the Big Four for volunteers to take advice sessions in cities outside London.

Contact us if you wish to help us by taking regular sessions in London.  We may need to add you to a waiting list as we seek to fill certain specializations as they arise.  Because we are a small charity, we can support only those with relevant tax qualifications (normally CTA or equivalent) and current with tax practice.

Current intern vacancies at TaxAid

We have an “intern programme” whereby we support people with previous qualifications in tax, who are seeking to get back into paid work in the profession.  Support includes external training where needed to update knowledge and internal training and support for example in gaining experience with advising clients or interaction with HMRC.  Interns typically work with us in our London office for 3 days a week for 3 or at most 6 months before finding paid work. We have a rolling intern programme with opportunities throughout the year, including for those with an ACA/FCA who have a tax background.

Do please contact for further details.

Why we need you

Volunteers have always been vital to the provision of services: they come with their own experience and insight so adding to the pool of expertise on the compliance of the low-income taxpayer.  You will find it extremely rewarding to use your skills to turn someone’s life around.

What we need of you


  • meet the highest of professional technical standards: TaxAid works to the same professional standards as you find in your own firm
  • adhere to the philosophy of supporting self-help and the ethos of being non-judgmental
  • need softer skills in meeting diverse – and sometimes vulnerable – clients’ needs.

About you

TaxAid is committed to diversity and is keen to support professionals whatever their background.  However, because of limited resources it is impractical to train advisers who do not have a practical knowledge of personal and small business tax.  Training – and updating knowledge – is given in those issues such as tax debt that impact on low-income taxpayers.

As a new adviser you will be “on probation” for your first three months or so.  On rare occasion it doesn’t work out: we may not meet your expectations or you may not meet ours.  In those circumstances it is better to have an honest exit conversation with your reviewer.

Your role as an adviser

TaxAid relies heavily on the work carried out by its volunteer advisers and is very grateful for their time. Most advisers will do a day’s advice session once every 2 or 3 weeks on average and, typically, will see three to four clients per advice session. The meetings are conducted unsupervised and usually an hour. All advice given is recorded and reviewed by a staff adviser.  Staff support will be available to deal with any queries or problems that may arise in the course of a meeting (e.g. fix a further appointment, check a technical point).

Scope of Advice

TaxAid advice includes any UK tax issue that affects people on low incomes.  Volunteers are supported in their training needs to enable them to carry out our specialist advice.  On occasion we run sessions dedicated to issues including handling tax debt for those who would like to develop expertise in these areas.

Your Expenses

Out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed, in particular travel to our advice sessions.

Contact us on 020 7803 4950 and ask to speak to Karen, or email