25/09/15 How does HMRC enforce recovery of debts?

25/09/15 If you’ve not told HMRC about all your income

25/09/15 Its always the right time to check your PAYE code

09/01/15 If you can’t pay your tax bill

Look at the options in the tax debt guide

09/01/15 Need help with your tax return

See TaxAid’s tax return guide

30/10/14 Danger, tax debt advice ahead

With so many changes at HMRC, tax debt advice can make things worse. How good is yours?

07/06/14 Are you an employee? Have you received a bill for underpaid PAYE?

If you pay tax under PAYE and HMRC has just sent you a bill, follow the link to see what to do next

07/06/14 Need a tax refund? Watch out for scams and charges

Everyone likes the idea of a tax refund, and some firms claim to get bigger and better refunds. But take care. While some of these firms may be genuine, others may submit inaccurate refund claims to HMRC on your behalf. Firms which offer to get you a tax refund Some firms charge a fee based […]

26/02/14 Advice from TaxAid for voluntary sector advisers

Please use the special VCS advisers’ line number rather than the public helpline

19/02/14 Avoid a bill later – check your new PAYE tax code now

PAYE codes to the tax year 2014-15 are now being issued by HMRC.

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