PLEASE NOTE: The charity TaxAid advises only those people on low incomes whose problems cannot be resolved with HMRC.

Tax return penalties for 2015 returns – £10 a day from 1 May

If you haven’t yet filed your tax return for the year to 5 April 2015, file at once!

Penalties increase to £10 a day for 90 days from the start of May – a total of up to £900. This is added to the initial £100 penalty for missing the 31 January 2016 deadline, so the total can reach £1,000. An additional penalty of £300 applies at the end of the 90 days.

These penalties apply for on-line filing. Penalties will be higher if you file on paper. If you have a ‘reasonable excuse’ for filing late, HMRC may agree to cancel the penalties, once you have filed the return. It can be difficult to get HMRC to agree that you have a reasonable excuse.

If you think there is no need for you to file a return, you should contact HMRC and ask for the return to be withdrawn. See information on withdrawing tax returns here.

For more details on penalties and how to appeal see

For guidance on completing your tax return, see the tax return guide, or contact TaxAid for advice.


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