Normally file a return? Not received a tax return or reminder to file?

If you filed a tax return last year, you may be expecting a tax return or a notice to file letter from HMRC. But this year is different.

What’s changed and what to look out for

HMRC must let you know if you need to file a tax return. In the past, HMRC has usually sent paper tax returns to people who have filed on paper in the previous tax year. It has also sent out letters to people who filed a return on-line. But this year it’s different.

If you have previously filed on paper

HMRC is encouraging more people to file on line. As part of this process, not all people who filed on paper last year will receive a paper tax return this year. Instead, they will just receive a letter telling them that they need to file a return. To get a paper return, you will need to contact HMRC (0300 200 3310), or download a return and print it out yourself.

If you have previously filed on-line

If you have previously filed on-line, you may receive a paper notice to file, or you may receive an email notification. You will only receive an email notification if you chose to opt-in to HMRC’s digital self-assessment email reminders service.

If you have not received a paper notification, you should check to see if you have opted in to the digital reminder service.

 Some exceptions

If you submit a Short Tax Return, HMRC will send you a paper return and this version is not available for download or on-line submission.

If you usually submit a Partnership Return on paper, HMRC will send you a paper return, as there is currently no free HMRC software to submit this return on-line.

What to do if you are still unsure

If you are still unsure if HMRC is expecting you to submit a tax return, you should:

1) Check if you are in one of the categories of people who needs to submit a return – see

I don’t know if I need to file a return

2) Check your post, and email accounts to see if you have been sent a notice to file, but were perhaps expecting something more, such as a paper return or a paper notice to file.

3) If you are registered for on-line filing, you should check your on-line account. It should say if you have been sent a notice to file.

If you are still unsure, you should contact HMRC.


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