Bridge the Gap Grant Funders and Supporters

We thank all those who have provided Bridge the Gap grant funding for their valuable and welcome support. We couldn’t operate the service without their help.

The Bridge the Gap campaign is supported by the major professional bodies as set out below, led by the Chartered Institute of Taxation, as well as the Trustees, Patrons and management of the two charities themselves.

The Patrons of the Campaign are Sir Andrew Park, a former High Court judge, and Steve Edge, a senior tax partner with Slaughter & May, with a number of senior figures from the tax profession acting as ambassadors.

The Steering Group for the Campaign is chaired by Anthony Thomas, a former President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, and the former Master of The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers.

The charities would like to express their appreciation of the support of these parties and thank the following Foundations:
Inman Charity
Mehta Family Trust
Michael Duveau Trust
Milton Grundy Foundation
The Bernard Charitable Trust and many others for their continued support to this Campaign.



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