Beware of premium rate numbers for contacting HMRC

Some contact numbers given on the internet, and even as sponsored links, are really premium rate numbers, re-directing you to HMRC. So you may get through to HMRC, but will be paying a premium call rate.

The fake and the genuine

If you search on-line for HMRC contact numbers, the numbers appearing may not be the genuine HMRC contact numbers. Most HMRC numbers contact numbers now start 0300, while premium rate numbers often start 0844.

The main contact numbers you are likely to need for HMRC (and the on-line alternatives) are:

Income tax  – 0300 200 3300 or on-line

Tax Credits – 0345 300 3900  (more details)

Self assessment – 0300 200 3310 or on-line

A full list of HMRC contact numbers can be found at:

Further details:

The Low Income Tax Reform Group website has more examples of premium rate numbers being advertised as contact numbers for HMRC, see



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