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Archive for May, 2017

26/05/17 Insolvency

A quick reminder if you are going through insolvency: for the remainder of the tax year following bankruptcy, an ‘NT’ (no tax) PAYE code is applied to existing employments. However, if there is you have a change of job after the date of the bankruptcy but in the same tax year, the ‘NT’ (no tax) […]

26/05/17 National Insurance Credits

Did you know that if a you’re a grandparent that looks after your grandchildren whilst their parents are at work you may be entitled to National Insurance credits? Many working-age grandparents qualify for Class 3 National Insurance credits for looking after children aged under 12 which can be used to top up their income in […]

26/05/17 HMRC Phishing Scam

HMRC has released a statement warning taxpayers of a new phishing scam. If you receive an email with the subject ‘Your 2016 Tax Report’ and containing an attachment, please do NOT TO OPEN IT! Scam HMRC emails should be forwarded to and then deleted.